Monday, April 8, 2019

Sales Order is saved even if Enforce Credit Limit Hold has been set for the Customer

Confirm the following setting (but not limited to) to ensure that a credit limit hold is enforced:


1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences > General tab > Accounts Receivable portlet:

Customer Credit Limit Handling = Enforce Holds

Customer Credit Limit Includes Orders = true


2. Navigate to Home > Set Preferences > Transactions tab > Warnings portlet > Customer Credit Limit Handling = Enforce Holds


3. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Customers > select the customer name:

Financial tab > Hold = On (or Auto)

Credit Limit = 0.00 (or any value as long as it less than the total balance)


With the setup mentioned above, the customer in Step 3 will not be able to place a new sales order.


If on a given instance, a user was able to save the sales order, consider checking the sales order form used.


When Standard Sales Order is used, verify if a Term is selected. If none, technically a Cash Sale will be created from it, thus, the order is not triggered by the preference. This goes the same way with Standard Sales Order – Cash Sale form is used.


Therefore, only when Terms is used on the form will it activate the preference. This means using either of the following: Standard Sales Order – Invoice, Standard Sales Order – Progress Billing or Standard Sales Order with Terms selected.


Note: Hybrid Sales Order forms are also included where Credit Warning or Hold will only occur when Terms is selected or an Invoice is expected to be created. Consider checking where the custom forms have been customized.

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