Monday, April 22, 2019

Sales Orders are being excluded from the Fulfill Orders page when setting a location on Bulk Fulfill From Location filter


-          Sales Order # 1 is created with location equal to "Location 1".

-          User navigates to Transaction > Sales > Fulfill Orders and set Bulk Fulfill From Location filter to "Location 1".

-          Sales Order # 1 is not showing on the list.

Check the following:

-          Pull up the sales order in question and check if location field is available on the main line and on each line item.

-          You may also check the custom form used. 
 > Navigate to Setup > Customization > Transaction Forms
 > Edit the custom form.
 > Go to Screen Fields tab > Main sub tab > Location field = True.
 > Under Screen Fields tab > Columns sub tab > Location field = True.

  If there are two standard location fields available on the sales order form, the location field under Items tab > Location column will be followed.

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