Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Saved Search to Display Currency Exchange Rates in a Date Range

Currently, the ability to create a report to show the historical values of Currency Exchange Rate in a table format is filed as Enhancement# 149420. There are instances when users would want to use a simple monthly rate average of the Currency Exchange Rates to be used in the Consolidated Exchange Rate table and this report / search will beneficial.

As an alternate solution, users can create a Saved Search to show the Currency Exchange Rates for a given month / period. To illustrate, assume that a user wants to show Currency Exchange Rate from GBP to USD for April 2013:

1.    Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Currency Exchange Rates > New

2.    On the upper right side of the screen right above the page title click on Search

3.    Click Create Saved Search

4.    On the Criteria tab add the following fields:

·         Base Currency = USA

·         Transaction Currency = British Pound

·         Effective Date is within 04/01/13 to 04/30/13

5.    On the Results tab add the following fields:

·         Base Currency

·         Transaction Currency

·         Exchange Rate

·         Effective Date

6.    Click Preview or Save & Run

Note that the results will show the Internal ID of the Currency and not the actual Currency Name.


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