Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Saved Search to Display Estimate Amount and Associated Sales Order Amount

This search is useful when a user would like to compare a Quote amount and real amount on the Sales Order created from the Quote. For instance, a quote is generated with 3 line items and the order comes in for only 1 line item, user wants to show the amount values for the quote and also for the order associated with it.

To create the Saved Search showing the Quote/Estimate transactions and corresponding amount with the Sales Order that was created from the Estimate, do the following:

1. Navigate to Lists > Searches > Saved Searches > New
2. Select Transaction
3. Create a name for the Search Title
4. On the Criteria > Standard subtab, enter the following filters:
a. Type = Quote
b. Main Line = Yes
5. On the Results tab, enter the following fields:
a. Number
b. Name
c. Amount
d. Applying Transaction fields... : select Sales Order
e. Applying Transaction fields... : select Number
f. Applying Transaction fields... : Amount
6. Click Preview or Save & Run

The Saved Search filters will display the following:
a. Quote/Estimate #
b. Name of the Company (your customer)
c. Total Amount of the Estimate
d. Sales Order that was created from the Estimate
e. Sales Order #
f. Total Amount of the Sales Order

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  1. Hi, is it possible to get the line items in the sales order? I am trying to do it but it is always blank.