Monday, April 15, 2019

Schedule an Email to Specific Employees

The user wants to schedule an email from a Saved Search to some specific Employees without having to add them one by one, for the purpose they have a common Role, Location, Task, etc.

The user needs to create a Group of Employees first, and then to edit the Saved Search, as following:

1.       Create a Group which gather all the recipient Employees (e.g.:  all the Sales Reps.)

·        Lists > Relationships > Groups > New > select Static and Employee.

·        Enter a group name.

·        In the Members tab > Group Members subtab > enter all the Sales Reps.

·        Save.

Note 1: Using a dynamic Group will not display in the Recipients tab of the Search. This is currently an Enhancement request logged under Issue #146786.

2.       Edit the Saved Search.

·        In the Email tab > Specific Recipients > Recipient dropdown field > select the static Group created in step 1.

·        Click Add.

·        To send this email by schedule, mark the box for Send Emails According to Schedule. Then, click Schedule subtab to set the frequency.



Note 2: The user needs to change the members of the Group every time he wants to add or remove a recipient from the scheduled email. The Enhancement #146786 has been logged to request the ability to make Dynamic Group Name available to the Specific Recipients tab of the Saved Search Email.



The user can also add several Groups as Recipients of the Email.

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