Thursday, April 25, 2019

Search that pulls out actual item rate paid for Standard Cost Item

Items having Standard as its Costing Method recognizes item's value based on the revalued cost. Thus, any amount over or under the Standard Cost will be recognized in the account selected on the Price Variance Account.

Hence, any transaction associating this item will not affect the values reflected on the Average Cost as shown on the item Record. This is because the amount being recognized on any Item Receipt and Item Fulfilment will always be equivalent to the revalued standard cost of the item.

However, in case it is necessary to know how much an item was purchased for, a saved search can help provide information reflecting the amount paid to the Vendor particular to an item. To achieve this the steps are as follows:

    - Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New > Transaction
- Under the Criteria subtab enter the following Filters:
            o   Type > is Item Receipt
o   Item Fields… > Costing Method > is Standard
o   Formula (Text) > Formula : {account} > is empty
    - Under the Results subtab enter the following Fields:
o   Item
o   Date
o   Number
o   Quantity
o   Amount
o   Item Rate
- Edit Search Title then hit Save and Run.

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