Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Send Email action not executed on Scheduled Workflow

One of the ways to automatically send emails after a certain span of time is via Scheduled Workflow.

Though After Record Submit is the usual trigger that is being used when using the Send Email action, one must take note that it is the

Scheduled trigger which should be used on this type of scenario, or else, the said action will not be triggered.

Below is a sample:

Record Type: Customer
Sub Types: Customer

Execute As Admin: checked
Release Status: Released
Enable Logging: checked

Initiation: Scheduled

   Saved Search: <customer saved search>
   Repeat: checked
   Frequency: <desired frequency>

State 1: Send Email action

Trigger On: Scheduled

  From Field:
     Record: Sales Rep
     Field: Supervisor

  From Field:
     Record: Current Record
     Field: Sales Rep

  Use template > Template: <desired template>

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