Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Set a Custom Customer Notification when a Case is Created or Closed

When creating or closing the Case, users can decide whether to send notification to the Customer or not. There is global setting in Setup > Support > Support Preferences, but users want to decide case by case. This can be done by using Saved Search.

To do that, follow these steps:

I. Deselect standard notification:
     1. Navigate to Setup > Support > Preferences > Support Preferences > Notification.
     2. Uncheck Customer notification whenever users do not want to notify the Customer automatically.
     3. Click Save.

II. Create custom fields:
     1. Navigate to Lists > Support > Cases > New.
     2. Click New Field under Customize area.
     3. Enter Label (e.g. Send notification when case created).
     4. select Check Box type.
     5. Check Case under Applies To subtab.
     6. On Display subtab, select Main from Subtab dropdown menu.
     7. Users may want to select Default Checked under Validation & Defaulting subtab.
     8. Check Store Value.
     9. Check Show In List check boxes.
     10. Click Save & New.

Repeat the procedure for the new field, but set label to Send notification when case closed and click Save.

III. Create saved search with email notification:
     1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New > Case.
     2. Set label, e.g. Open Case Notification.
     3. Criteria subtab:
- add Send notification when case created filter and is true description
- add Status is open
     4. Navigate to Email subtab:
- check Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated check box
- on Recipients From Results add Email to Recipient Field
     5. Navigate to Customize Message subtab:
- set proper From, Subject  and Introduction
- users may customize the message using Single-Record Results  Insert Field. e.g. Number will add case Number etc.
     6. Set as Single Event under the Schedule subtab.
     7. Click Save.
     8. Repeat steps III. 1. - 7. with the following changes:
     9. Step III. 2. Set label, e.g. Closed Case Notification.
     10. Criteria subtab:
- add Send notification when case closed filter and is true description
- add Status is closed
     11. Click Save.

Now every time new case is created or closed, users may decide if and how to notify the customer. Just check the respective check box.

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