Saturday, April 13, 2019

Set Document Folder Restriction for Custom Fields with Type = Document

User creates a custom field with Type = Document set as Private. The restriction applies to custom field of Document type. 


This can be tested by doing the following:

I.             Create a Document Folder and upload a file to that folder.

1.    Navigate to Documents > File > File Cabinet > New.

2.    Give the document folder a name (e.g. Restricted Folder).

3.    Set Private= T.

4.    Click Save.


-       Upload the newly created document folder; upload a file by clicking on the Add File button (e.g. A file named Sample_file.docx is uploaded in the File Cabinet)


II.            Create a custom field with Type= Document and apply that to show on record type= Sales.

1.    Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields > New.

2.    Give it a name (e.g. Document Folder).

3.    In Type field, select Document

4.    Store Value= T.

5.    In Applies To, set Sale= T

6.    Click Save.

If the user (who is not the owner of the Document folder created above) logs to NetSuite with a custom role > Open a Sales Form > Locate the custom body field and search for Sample_file.docx > user gets No Match.

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