Monday, April 1, 2019

Setup Alert when Transaction Reaches Specific Amount per Customer

To setup an Email Alert when a Transaction reaches specific amount per customer per day or month, user needs to create a Saved Search as following:

1.      1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New

2.      2. Click the Transaction link

3.      3. Navigate to Search Title field and name the new Saved Search

4.      4. Under Criteria tab > Standard subtab enter the following filters:

        Type = Select the Transaction Type (e.g.: Cash Sales; Purchase Order; Customer Refund; etc.)

        Amount = is greater than or equal to: Enter the specific amount limit

        Date = is:

-          On Today (for a daily Alert)

-          Within This Month (for a monthly Alert)

5.      5. Under Results tab > Columns subtab, add the fields the user wants to show up in the results

6.      6. Under Email tab > Specific Recipients subtab, enter the email address(es) the user wants the results to be sent to, and mark the checkbox Send Emails According to Schedule

7.      7. Under Email tab > Schedule subtab, set Daily Event = true or Monthly Event, then specify the preferred start date and time

8.      8. Click Save & Run.

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