Saturday, April 6, 2019

Standard Memo Field to Textwrap

As indicated in SuiteAnswers answer Id: 31953 - It is expected behavior that the information entered on the standard Memo field on transactions will not be wrapped. 

As an alternate solution,
 the steps below can be done to embed the Standard Memo field directly to print.

1.    Navigate to Customization > Forms Transaction Form PDF layouts.
2.    Customize the PDF Form used for Transaction Printouts.
3.    Click Add Custom Element.
4.    On the Add Element popup, choose Memo.
5.    Wrap Text = True.
6.    Select Ok.  
7.    Set the newly created custom element box on the PDF Transaction Form.
8.    Click Save.

Set this PDF Form layout on the Sales Order form being used.

1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.
2. Edit the Sales Order form to be used.
3. In the PDF Layout field select the PDF Form that was customized.
4. Click Save.

When printing the Sales Order, even with the Standard Memo Field not set to be printed under printing fields, the Custom Element will populate values.

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