Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Throw a custom alert through a Portlet Script based on a role when a user logs in

To create a custom alert that is thrown when a user logs in through a specific role, we can use a custom portlet that calls a portlet script that checks the users role and send the alert.
Below is a sample script that checks the role of the user and throws an alert if it matches.

function reminderPortlet(){
 portlet.setTitle('Custom Reminder Portlet');
 var role = nlapiGetRole();
 if (role=='10'){
  var searchFilters = new Array();
  searchFilters[0] = new nlobjSearchFilter('salesrep', null, 'anyof', nlapiGetUser());
  var searchResult = nlapiSearchRecord('customer',null,searchFilters, null);
  var customer = '';
  var spacer = ' , ';
  for (var i=0; i<searchResult.length; i++){
   if (i<(searchResult.length-1)){
    spacer = ' , ';
    spacer = '';
   var custObj = nlapiLoadRecord('customer',searchResult[i].getId());
   customer = customer + custObj.getFieldValue('entityid')+' : '+custObj.getFieldValue('companyname')+spacer;
   var url_customer = nlapiResolveURL('RECORD', 'customer', searchResult[i].getId());
   var customer_list = customer_list + '<a href="'+url_customer+'">'+customer+'</a></br>';
 var htmlPage = '<script>alert("Kindly Review Orders of Customer'+customer+'.")</script>';
 htmlPage = htmlPage + customer_list;

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