Sunday, April 21, 2019

Transaction Print with Customer's Locale

If a selected Customer on Transaction has different language settings than currently logged user under Home > Set Preferences; Print in Customer's Locale option is shown on the Transaction. This translates entire Transaction into the predefined language.

There are 3 Print options:
1. Print - It uses the language of current user;
2. Print in Customer's Locale - language of the Customer/Subsidiary is used;
3. Using the printing option under the Transaction > Communication tab > Messages sublist. This option always uses the Customer's Locale by default.

The feature depends on the Language selection under (in that order):

1. Lists > Relationships > Customers > the used Customer on the transaction > Preferences tab > Language;
2. Setup > Company > Subsidiaries > the used Subsidiary on the transaction > Language;
3. Home > Set Preferences > General tab > Localization section > PDF Language.

In case the option(s) on the top is/are empty, the first relevant option is used.

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