Sunday, April 21, 2019

Unable to Edit a Custom Item Field that is not a Component of a Locked Bundle

It is possible that the custom item field is applied in the Field Set tab in the Web Site Setup page using the SuiteCommerce Advanced feature.


To create a custom item field that is locked, do the following steps below:


I. Create a custom item field.

            1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Item Fields > New.

            2. Provide a name (e.g. Sample Item Field)

            3. Type= Free-Form Text.

            4. Store Value= T.

            5. In the Applies To tab, set Inventory Item= T.

            6. Click Save.


II. Add the custom item field as one of the item fields in the Field Sets tab in the Web Site Setup page via SuiteCommerce Advanced feature.

            1. Navigate to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

            2. Edit the existing webstore.

            3. In the Field Sets tab, add a sample sublist shown below:

                        Name= Sample Items

                        Field Set ID= sampleItems

                        Record= Item

                        Field Set= Sample Item Field (created in Step I) > Click Submit


            4. Click Save.


- Navigate back to the custom item field created and the only button available is the Apply to Forms button and above it is a locked icon indicating that the custom item field is no longer editable.

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