Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Update the Opportunity Form on Existing Transactions Through CSV Import

Opportunity forms have the option to Store Form with Record. This is a checkbox available when customizing the opportunity form. If this option is marked and transactions are created using the custom opportunity form, the form cannot be changed regardless of the preferred opportunity form set in Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms, unless the form is manually changed on each transaction.

There are cases when the Administrator needs to change the form used in the existing opportunities.

The user can create a workflow to set the preferred form then perform a CSV import to update the existing transactions.

A.    Create a Workflow.

Note: SuiteFlow feature must be enabled in Setup > Company > Enable Features > SuiteCloud.


1.    Navigate to Customization > Workflows> Workflows > New.

2.    Provide a Name (ex: Change Opportunity form).

3.    In the Record Type, select Opportunity.

4.    Set Release Status to Released.

5.    Initiation > mark Event Based and under Event Definition mark On View or  Update.

6.    Click on Save.

7.    Click on New State.

8.    Click on Save.

9.    Click on State 1.

10.  Click on New Action and select Set Field Value.

11.  Trigger On = Before Record Submit

12.  Context = CSV Import

13.  In the Parameters, select Custom Form in the Field dropdown.

14.  In Value > Static Value, select the name of the opportunity form to be set after the CSV import in the Selection field.


B.    Set CSV Import Preferences.


1.    Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > CSV Import Preferences.

2.    Mark Run Server SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows checkbox.

3.    Click on Save.


C.    Perform a CSV import of the existing opportunities to change the opportunity form. (Provided there is already a CSV file ready to be imported).


1.    Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

2.    Set the following:

Record Type = Transactions
Record Type = Opportunity

3.    Upload the CSV File.

4.    Click on Next.

5.    In the Data Handling, select Update.

6.    Click on Next.

7.    Map the fields.

8.    Click on Next.

9.    Click on Run.

Note: This is an alternate solution to Enhancement 172805 Ability to update Opportunity Custom Form field through Mass Update.


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