Monday, April 8, 2019

Use Default Prospect Form for Converted Leads

1. Ensure that the preferred lead form being used has STORE FORM WITH RECORD disabled:

  • Check what  form is preferred under Setup > Sales > Sales Preferences > General tab > Preferred Lead Form.
  • Navigate to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms > then Customize form
  • Click Save. (Enter a new Name for the form if the Standard form is being used)
  • Navigate to  Setup > Sales > Sales Preferences > General tab > Select the appropriate Preferred Lead Form and Preferred Prospect Form to be used

2. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Leads > New.
3. Enter required information (Name, Email, Phone, etc.)
4. Click Save.
5. View the Lead Record created which now uses the Preferred Lead Form.
6. Click Convert.
7. Click Submit.
8. Edit the newly converted prospect record.

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