Sunday, April 28, 2019

Zero Value in Rate Column in Time & Billables Reports for Non-Billable Time Entries


        Navigate to Transactions >Employees > Track Time

        Enter TimeEntry for employee with:L

        Price Level and Rate filled up

        Billable = False


        Navigate to Reports > Time and Billables

        Customize any Time By report

        Click Rateunder the Edit Columns tab > Time Tracked folder

        Hit Preview

        Actual Results:

        Rate column in Time & Billables Reports haszero value for Non-Billable Time Entries

        Rate column is showing zero amount for Non-Billable Time Entries inthe report



        It is by design that the Time and BillableReports will display zero for the Rate field if the time is Not Billable



Alternate Solution:

Create a TimeSaved Search with Rate columnexposed:

1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Time

2.   Mark Show Totals =True under the Results tab

3.   Add Rate field under the Columns subtab

4.   Add Customerfield in Available Filters tab and mark the following as True:

a.    Show in Footer Region

b.   Show as Multi-Select

5.   Rename the search

6.   Hit Previewor Save and Run the search

7.    Choose the customer name (s) in the Customer field.


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