Friday, May 3, 2019

Apply a Journal Entry to an Invoice to Cancel the Amount a Customer Owes

Duration: 5 minutes

To apply a Journal Entry to an invoice to offset the amount for a customer showing on the A/R Aging Report:

1.Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries
2. Select the appropriate Subsidiary
3. Select the A/R account that should be credited for that customer
4. Select an appropriate account that should be debited
5. Ensure that the Name field is set to the appropriate customer
6. Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices > List
7. Select the appropriate Invoice in View mode
8. On the top of the Invoice select Accept Payment
9. 10. On the Apply tab > Invoices subtab ensure that the correct invoice is checked off
11. On the Apply tab > Credits subtab you will be able to see the journal entry that was created. Click on the Apply checkbox and click Save.

The Journal Entry has been applied to the invoice.

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