Saturday, May 4, 2019

AR Aging shows zero Amount while the customer record still shows Overdue Balance

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Please navigate to Reports > Customers/Receivables > AR Aging report
2. Notice that Customer XXX has zero Total Open Balance
3. Open the record for Customer XXXX
4. Notice that under Financial Tab, there are still overdue balance


There is still overdue balance on the customer record because the Payment has been already created however, it is not yet applied to the related Invoice.  Meanwhile, The AR Aging report shows zero balance because the amount of the Payment and Invoice is offsetting to each other.


1. Click the Customer > Make a Payment
2. Select the related Invoice under Apply Tab > Invoices Subtab
3. On the Credits/Deposit subtab select those lines to offset on the invoices selected.
3. Click Save

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