Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Change Breadcrumbs Separator Symbol in Reference My Account Page

Applicable for the following version(s):
Reference My Account 1.05.0 (69018) and lower versions

Default Web Site theme uses the "greater than" symbol ( > ) for separating hyperlinks in breadcrumbs, however Reference My Account is currently using the forward slash ( / ) symbol.

To provide consistency on all breadcrumbs format all throughout, this article will guide users on how to edit the breadcrumbs format for Reference My Account bundle.
  1. Requirements:

    1. Copy the breadcrumb_macro.txt file from Reference My Account folder to Custom My Account/templates/globals/macros/.
    2. Refer to the SuiteAnswer article "Deploying SSP Application Touch Points" for the steps on how to deploy the Custom Checkout SSP Application

  2. Edit breadcrumb_macro.txt

    1. Navigate to Document > Files > File Cabinet.
    2. Navigate to Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - My Account > Custom My Account > Templates > Global > Macros > edit breadcrumb_macro.txt
    3. Change "/" to ">" under

    4. Save changes.


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