Friday, May 10, 2019

Fixed Assets > Reports > Breakdown of the ‘Adjustments‘ section of the Asset Summary Report


How to view the breakdown of the 'Adjustments' section of the Asset Summary Report?



The Data in the Adjustments section of the Asset Summary Report is being pulled from Depreciation History Records with Transaction Type set to Revaluation.


Since the Asset Summary Report cannot be drilled down further into detail, the breakdown may be pulled by creating a saved search. Follow below steps:


1.    Navigate to Fixed Assets > Searches > Depreciation Monthly Report.


2.    Click Edit this Search.


3.    In the Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Replace the existing filters with the following:

a.     Transaction Type: is Revaluation

b.    Date: choose desired Date Range

c.     Asset Type: choose desired Asset Type


4.    In the Results tab, add the columns as needed in the report.


5.    Click Preview.

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