Thursday, May 9, 2019

Link Campaign to Event Records

To link Marketing Campaigns to Event Records, user must create a custom CRM field that will be applied to the Event Record and be marked as Record is Parent.

To create the Custom CRM field, perform the following steps:

1. As an Administrator, navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > CRM Fields > New

2. Enter a Name

3. Set Type = List/Record

4. Set List/Record = Campaign

5. Set Store Value = T

6. Set Record is Parent = T

7. In the Applies To subtab, set Event = T 

8. In the Display subtab, set Subtab = Related Records

9. Click Save & Apply to Forms

To verify the behavior of the custom CRM field, create a test event, under Related Records subtab choose any campaign. Once the event is saved, go to the campaign that you have chosen. From the Marketing Campaign record go to Custom subtab, there should be an Event sublist wherein the newly created event is listed.

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