Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Report showing Quantity Sold for an Item including Sales Rep Information

To create the custom report:

1. Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Item > Customize Detail and you will be directed to the Report Builder page.

2. Enter the preferred report Name

3. At the Edit Columns  page, do the following changes:

---a. Remove the column groupings first by clicking the first pencil icon and unchecking the Group box. and click Remove Column for the following:
* Item Type
* Item

---b. Add the following columns by selecting the specific fields (names are based on your column headings) using the navigational paths below:
* Product Line 1 (Item Type folder > Class folder > Name (Grouped)
* Display Name ( Item Type folder > Display Name)
* Total Cost ( Sales Transactions folder > Est. Extended Cost (line)
* Gross Profit % (Sales Transactions folder > Est. Grosss Profit Percent (line)
* Sales Rep ( Sales Transactions folder > Primary Sales Rep folder > Name

---c. Now drag the columns until you have the following sequence from left to right and note some changes in the column information:
* Product Line --- check the Group box
* Display Name --- check the Group with Previous Column box
* Date
* Type
* Number
* Qty. Sold -- check the Add Grand Total box
* Sales Price
* Revenue / % Revenue - check the Add Grand Total box --- check the Add % Total Column
* Total Cost - check the Add Grand Total box
* Gross Profit %
* Sales Rep

4. At the Filters page, add the following filters:
* Item Type (Item Type > Item Type) and filter equal to those that you wish to generate
* Location (Sales Transactions > Location) and filter equal to those that you wish to generate
* Customer/Project (Sales Transactions > Customer Project)
* Class (Sales Transactions > Class)

5. Hit Save

Now the initial report to be generated will be on a per product line basis. To see the sales rep information, you will need to click on the details further (you can do this in total by clicking on the buttons with the green arrows at the bottom of the report page to expand or compress)

Note: The Sales Rep column works with Detailed Reports and not Summary Reports.  The behaviour observed is that if a column is added in a summary report, the total quantity will be listed depending on the number of available sales rep for the item, therefore giving you erroneous figures for your report.

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