Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Saved Search for all Contracts up for Renewal this Month

To create a Saved Search for all Contracts that are up for Renewal for the current month:
  • Navigate to Reports> Saved Searches> All Saved Searches> New
  • Select Contract
  • In the Criteria tab:
    Contract End Date = on or before end of this month
    Contract Renewed On = is empty
  • In the Results tab:
    Contract End Date
    Bill to Customer
    End User
    (Any other fields you would like to see in the results of this search)
  • In the Email tab:
    Select "Send Emails According to Schedule" = T
    Specify to email the search to in the Specific Recipients subtab
    In the Schedule subtab: Select Monthly Event, Day = 1 of every 1 month
  • Hit Save & Run button.

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