Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Saved Search - Invoices with Created From field is blank


Userwould like to view a list of all Invoices which have the "CreatedFrom" field set to blank. This can mean that the Invoice wascreated as a standalone transaction and/or was not created throughSales Order.


ThisSaved Search can be created by the following steps:

1. Navigateto Transactions > Management > Saved Searches >New.

2. Click on Transactions link.

3.Withinthe Criteria tab > Standardsubtab, add the followingfilters:

o   Type > Is Invoice.

o   Main Line > is No (False).

o   Created From > is none.

4. Navigateto Results tab > Columns subtab,add Created From field…Number field (add additionalfields).

6. Click Saveand Run.

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