Friday, May 10, 2019

Saved Search to show Employees who have not entered any Time Entries

There are instances when users want to create an alert or scheduled report to show a list of Employees who have not entered any Time Entry for a given period (e.g. last week). This is important especially for Payroll users.

On this note, Saved Searches is a powerful tool. To illustrate, assume that a user wants to show a list of employees who did not enter Time Entries for last week:

1.    Navigate to Transactions>Management>Saved Searches>New

2.    Select Employee

3.    On the Criteria>Standard subtab add Inactive is No

4.    On the Criteria>Summary subtab add the following fields:

         Summary Type = Maximum, Field = Time Fields: Date, Description = is on or before 1 week ago

         Summary Type = Maximum, Fields = Time Fields: Date, Description is empty

5.    Still on the Criteria>Summary subtab check the Use Expressions box and select OR in the And / Or column for the first line

6.    On the Results tab add the following fields:

         Name (Summary Type = Group)

         Time Fields: Date (Summary Type = Maximum)

7.    Hit Preview or Save and Run


Note: The Saved Search will display all Employees whose last Time Entry is on or before last week or has never entered entries before. If you want to exclude those who have never entered any entries before, then you can remove the second line in the Criteria>Summary subtab. This Saved Search can either be executed or scheduled.

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