Sunday, May 5, 2019

Send an Email Reminder for Sales Orders that has been Fulfilled but not yet Billed After a Specific Number of Days

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
2. Provide a Search Name.
3. In the Criteria tab, add the following fields:
         > Type = Sales Order
         > Main Line = True
         > Status = none of = Sales Order:Billed, Sales Order:Cancelled, Sales Order:Closed
         > Formula (Text) or Formula (Numeric)
              >> Formula: CASE WHEN to_date({today}) = (to_date(DECODE ({systemnotes.newvalue}, 'Pending Billing', {}))+10) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END
              >>Formula (Text)/Formula (Numeric): is 1.
                 *Where 10 is the number of days after the Order has been set to Pending Billing.
4. In the Results tab, add the necessary fields.
5. In the Email tab, set Send Emails According to Schedule = T.
5. In the Email > Schedule tab, select Daily Event.
6. Set the other fields as necessary.
7. Save and Run.

Note: This is an alternative solution for Enhancement 145553: Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Order > Save > Approve > being able to send email automatically 10 days after item is fulfilled

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