Friday, May 10, 2019

Transaction Saved Search that Shows Unmatched Bills, Item Receipts and Journals posted to the Inventory Received Not Billed account

1. Using an Administrator role, navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.


2. On the list, click Transactions link.


3. Set the following configurations under:


- Criteria tab > Standard sub-tab:

     Account = Inventory Received Not Billed


- Criteria tab > Summary sub-tab:

     Summary Type = Sum

     Field = Amount

     Description = is not 0.00 (Amount = not equal to; Value = 0.00)


- Results tab:

     Sort By = Created From

     Check the Show Totals check box

     Add Created From field and set Summary Type = Group

     On the Amount field, set Summary Type = Sum

     Users can add or remove other fields from the list as long as the Created From and Amount fields are kept


- Available Filters tab:

     Select Date field > Show in Footer = Yes


4. Change the Search Title.


5. Click Save & Run.

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