Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Transfer credit memo from one customer to another.

 Step 1: Unapply the credit memo from the Invoice.

a.      Open the credit memo that was applied to an invoice.

b.    Click Edit.

c.     Click OK on the pop up warning that will appear.

d.    Under the Items tab > Apply subtab, remove the check mark from the Invoice.

e.    Click Save.

*If the accounting period is already closed, please do additional steps before doing the steps above:

a. Using an Administrator role, navigate to Setup > Accounting > Manage Account Periods.

b. Click the link for the specific period.

c. In the Edit Base Period page, mark the Allow Non-Gl Changes checkbox.

d. Save.


Steps 2: Transfer the credit memo to another customer.

a.     Navigate to Transactions > Financial > Make Journal Entries.

b.    Debit Accounts Receivable account, enter the amount, and make sure to select the particular customer (the customer indicated on the Credit Memo) in the Name field of the journal line. This debit will be used to close the existing credit memo.

c.      Credit Accounts Receivable account, enter the same amount, and this time select the customer user will transfer the credit to in the Name field of the journal line. This will create a credit that user can use to apply to the customer's open invoice.

d.    Click Save.

e.    Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Accept Customer Payments.

f.      Choose the customer that has the original credit memo. Notice that the journal is available in the Apply field.

g.    User can apply the existing credit memo to the journal to close the credit memo.

h.    Click Save.

Note: The credit portion of the journal entry is now available for the other customer which user can apply to their open invoice/s.


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