Monday, May 6, 2019

VAT 100 Report Shows Incorrect Amounts

VAT 100 Report shows incorrect amounts.

1. Amounts have increased for the period.
2. Amounts for the previous periods have changed.
3. The VAT 100 report may show net amount as VAT and the gross amount as Net Amount.
4. Drill down reports may also show incorrect values.

A possible reason for this is if the account is still using the old bundle - Tax Filing & Reporting (8375). Users can check this by navigating to Setup > Customization > Search & Install bundles > List.

As noted in our SuiteAnswers Topic "Installing and Setting Up International Tax Reports" (Answer Id: 21859), bundle 8375 has been replaced by/updated to International Tax Reports bundle (ID:43003). This is now a managed bundle that will receive updates automatically.

Users may want to update their old bundle to make sure that they are receiving updates related to fixes and changes. To update the bundle,navigate to Setup > Customization > Install bundle > List, find the bundle and select Update under the Action icon on the left. A message is displayed to inform user that the bundle is now a managed bundle and asks to permit NetSuite to install future updates to the account. Click OK to agree.

To get more details, please check the SuiteAnswers topic provided above.

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