Sunday, May 5, 2019

Workflow Send Email action using Email Template doesn't contain the corresponding values of CRMSDK tags from related records

Purpose: Workflow to Send Email to customers with the details of their transactions (invoices for example) using Email Templates.
Desired is to be able to use in the Email Template CRMSDK tags from the transaction record as well as the related Customer Company record like <NLCOMPANYNAME>.

Actual Result: CRMSDK tags of the joined records (such as Customer Company) are blank in the Email Templates when using workflow.
Only the current record's tags can be used. Enhancement 230722 has been already raised to make this possible in the future.

Alternate solution:

  1. Create a Transaction Body Field on the transaction form with Display Type = Hidden and Sourcing & Filtering: Source List = Customer, Source From = Company Name
  2. Edit the Email Template used and enter the custom Company Name field.

To stamp the Company Name custom field for existent transactions a mass update can be run.
More details on how to perform mass updates can be found in Suite Answers Article 8429 Making Mass Changes or Updates.

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