Monday, May 20, 2019

Workflow - Working with Transaction “SubTotal” Field in Workflow Condition (Examples)

Transaction records such as Sales Order, Purchase Order etc., usually have a Subtotal field that tells the value of a transaction before the tax is added.

When creating a workflow condition to use the Subtotal field, you cannot use the Visual Builder option, because the Subtotal field does not show up the in Visual Builder Field option. Therefore, to create a workflow condition to use the Subtotal field you would have to use the option Custom Formula, with {subtotal} in the formula field to represent the field name Subtotal.

Below is an example of how to use subtotal as a condition in your workflow:

Example:- Workflow "Return User Error" Action: Returns a message whenever the user attempts to submit a Sales Order record with Subtotal value equaling to 0.

Prerequisite: - Workflow Record Type: Transaction; Subtype: Sales Order

a.     Workflow action: Show Message

b.     Condition:

                                                  i.        Custom Formula (Radio Button)

                                                  ii.       Formula: {subtotal} = 0

c.      Message: <Your Personal Message>


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