Friday, May 10, 2019

WS > ItemSearchBasic > Error : Invalid Saved Search

When performing an Item Search Basic you might end with an error in response that refers to Invalid Saved Search. Please refer to sample request-response below :


ns3:searchRecord xsi:type="ns2:ItemSearchBasic"
ns2:itemId operator="is"
ns1:searchValue xxxx /ns1:searchValue

Response :

platformCore:statusDetail type="ERROR"
platformCore:code INVALID_SAVEDSEARCH /platformCore:code
platformCore:message A saved search with the internal ID 225 does not exist.

You might receive the error because the Role being used for web services does not have access to the saved search in the question. Either ask the owner of the saved search to make it public or give access to it since the saved search is attached to the item record as an sub list. You can also set the Search Preferences  in the WS request to include only "Body Fields" so that it does not load up the sublist fields and a valid response is received.


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