Saturday, June 29, 2019

Add View GL Impact Link to a Transaction Saved Search

To get the GL impact of a transaction, the user will need to go to More Actions > GL Impact.  A formula field can be created to pull the GL Impact directly from a transaction saved search.  To do this, add this field on the Results tab of your saved search:

Field: Formula (Text)
Formula: '<a href='||DECODE ({type}, 'Assembly Build', 'build',  'Assembly Unbuild', 'unbuild',  'Bill', 'vendbill',  'Bill Credit', 'vendcred',  'Bill Payment', 'vendpymt',  'Bin Putaway Worksheet', 'binwksht',  'Bin Transfer', 'bintrnfr',  'Cash Refund', 'cashrfnd',  'Cash Sale', 'cashsale',  'Check', 'check',  'Commission', 'commissn',  'Credit Card', 'cardchrg',  'Credit Memo', 'custcred',  'Currency Revaluation', 'fxreval',  'Customer Deposit', 'custdep',  'Customer Refund', 'custrfnd',  'Deposit', 'deposit',  'Deposit Application', 'depappl',  'Estimate', 'estimate',  'Expense Report', 'exprept',  'Inventory Adjusment', 'invadjst',  'Inventory Cost Revaluation', 'invreval',  'Inventory Distribution', 'invdistr',  'Inventory Transfer', 'invtrnfr',  'Inventory Worksheet', 'invwksht',  'Invoice', 'custinvc',  'Item Fulfillment', 'itemship',  'Item Receipt', 'itemrcpt',  'Journal', 'journal',  'Opportunity', 'opprtnty',  'Paycheck', 'paycheck',  'Payment', 'custpymt',  'Payroll Liability Check', 'liabpymt',  'Payroll Adjustment', 'ytdadjst',  'Purchase Order', 'purchord',  'Return Authorization', 'rtnauth',  'Revenue Commitment', 'revcomm',  'Revenue Commitment Reversal', 'revcomrv',  'Sales Order', 'salesord',  'Sales Tax Payment', 'taxpymt',  'Statement Charge', 'custchrg',  'Transfer Order', 'trnfrord',  'Vendor Return Authorization', 'vendauth',  'Work Order', 'workord')||'&searchid=-36&Transaction_INTERNALID='||{internalid}||'&Transaction_INTERNALIDtype=ANYOF&label='||replace({type}, ' ', '+')||'>View GL Impact</a>'
Custom Label: View GL Impact

The formula uses the DECODE function to convert the transaction type to its corresponding URL value, which will be used in the URL for the GL Impact. The REPLACE function replaces the transaction type value, where any space in the transaction type name will be replaced by a plus (+) symbol, which is also needed for the URL.

Note: The formula can still be customized to add any missing transaction types, if there is any, or remove transaction types, if not needed in the search.

Please make a note of the URL used to access your NetSuite account. If the URL has something between "system" and "" (e.g., include that in the formula.

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