Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Credit Card Refund via Merchant e-Solutions Throws Error “Refund amount must be between zero and the original amount”

Root cause: User is attempting to refund customer's credit formore than what was charged.

When refunding a credit card charge, it always requires the P/Nref from the originating transaction (a cash sale or a payment). This limitsthe user from refunding more than what was charged.

The error "Refundamount must be between zero and the original amount" normally appears in many typesof scenarios:

   • A user may create acredit card refund and increase the refund amount.

      - Solution: Enter thecorrect amount and refund it again

   • Or a credit card cashsale was previously refunded and user attempts to refund again. This may alsothrow "Transaction Already refunded."

      - Solution: Refundanother cash sale or payment.

   • Sometimes, a userrefunds a credit card charge from the gateway portal and tries to process therefund again in NetSuite.

      - Solution: Tick'Credit Card Approved' under the Payment tab of the refund so it will not sendanother refund request.

There are many other possible scenarios which yield the sameresult. The key point in the solution is never to refund more than what wascharged.


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