Saturday, June 29, 2019

CSV Update of Email Address Field in the Job or Project Record

E-mail address field is not automatically populated when creating jobs or projects from a customer record. An enhancement request has been filed for this:

Enhancement # 66634 - Creating Job from a Customer record: Request that Customer record's email gets pushed to the newly created Job record.

In cases where job records are already in the system and the user would like to update the email information of the job with the same email address of the customer, users may try the steps below:

A. Create a search that will pull up the customer's email address.

1. Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New > Customer.
2. Under Criteria tab, set the following:
- Job Fields... > set Internal Id > is not - None -

3. Under Results tab, set the following:
- Name
- Job Fields... > set Internal ID
- Email

4. Click on Save & Run.
5. Verify if the result is correct and if the related result should be udpated.

B. Create a file that will be imported:

1. Export the result of the saved search, remove the Name column. Fields needed are only the Job's internal Id and the Email of the customer. Save the file in a CSV (Comma delimited) format.

*For testing purposes, users may want to create a sample file that contains one record to update to check the result of the import.

C. Import the file to update job records:

1. Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV records.
2. Import Type = Relationships
3. Record Type = Jobs
4. Select the file.
5. Click on Next.
6. Data Handling = Update
7. Click on Next.
8. Map the following:

Internal id <> Internal Id
Email <> Email

9. Click on Next.
10. Enter Map Name.
11. Click on Save & Run


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