Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fixed Assets Disposals are not Displaying on the General Ledger

If the Journal Entry related to the Fixed Assets Disposals did not post to the General Ledger, check the following:

1) Navigate to one of the asset records affected through Fixed Assets > Lists > Assets.
2) Click View on the asset record
3) Navigate to the Depreciation History tab
4) Check if there is a Journal Entry or Posting Reference created.
     a. No Posting Reference
             -Navigate to Fixed Assets > Fixed Assets Background Processing > Process Instance List
             -Check if there are any errors for Process Name = Journal Writing for Depreciation
             -Click View link to see the error message
             -Navigate to Custom > BG - Process Log
        *You may check SuiteAnswers for related articles in troubleshooting the error message found or ask Support for help.

     b. Posting Reference is created
         -Click the Journal Entry link
         -Check the Status of the journal entry
         -If the journal entry has a Pending Approval status. Request the approver to approve it. If there are many journal entries created from Fixed Assets Disposal, the approver may opt to navigate to Transactions > Financial > Approve Journal Entries to bulk approve journal entries.

Note: Only Approved Journal Entries will be posted to the General Ledger.

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