Monday, June 24, 2019

Get Authorization Request for Customer Deposits

Users may ask if they can get an Authorization request for Customer Deposits.

Currently, the Get Authorization checkbox is only available in Sales Orders under Billing tab > Payment subtab.

For Customer Deposits under the Payment Method tab, users will see two checkboxes:
- CC Approved
- Charge Credit Card

CC Approved -
Place a check mark in this box only if the credit card transaction has been performed outside NetSuite, such as by a card-swipe terminal.

            -- This means that the credit card is already been charged or processed outside of NetSuite Credit Card Processing. This serves now as for recording purposes only.

Charge Credit Card - Check this box to make this deposit by charging the credit card chosen in the Credit Card Select field.

            -- This means that you will charge the credit card set on the transaction within NetSuite Credit Card Processing. You must have previously set up a NetSuite merchant account for this to work.

There is already an enhancement request filed for Get Authorization checkbox to be available in Customer Deposits.

            - Enhancement
134622 - Get Authorization box to be available in Customer Deposit

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