Thursday, June 27, 2019

Impact of Changing the Billing Schedule Name on Historical Transactions

User may want to change the name of the Billing Schedule. Please review the following in terms of changing Name of Billing Schedule:

1.  If user is only editing the Billing Schedule name, there will be no impact financially.  But, the new name will be carried to the old Sales Orders, meaning, the past transactions using the old Billing Schedule name will automatically be changed to the new name. 

2.  User will receive a standard pop up message warning that you are changing the Billing Schedule even if it is only the name that user is changing. 

3.  The change in the Billing Schedule name is not being tracked by System Notes, hence, user will not be able to see who change the name and when the change happened.  

We suggest to create a new Billing Schedule instead of editing the old Billing Schedule.  This is an easier way to track the list of Billing Schedules used in past and future transactions.

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