Thursday, June 27, 2019

Online Customer Forms Shows Black Background Color on Internet Explorer Only

User has an option to upload custom HTML template in creating Online Form.

User can use CSS to assign background color property on Online Form.

If a user opted to use CSS property background-color: #FFF in the template; Internet Explorer browser will display the form with black background color instead of white. On the other hand, when using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers the online form background color is white.

Solution: Internet Explorer browser does not recognize hex colors. Only those with 6 hexadecimals #RRGGBB, 8 hexadecimals or named colors.

Change or replace the #FFF to #FFFFFF or #FFFFFFFF or white so it will show the correct color in all browsers.


Note: The site mentioned is not related in anyway to NetSuite and is only referred to as the source of the information contained here. The information may change at anytime.

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