Sunday, June 16, 2019

Remove Amortization Schedule from Vendor Bill / Journal > Line with partially recognized rev rec or amortization schedule can not be deleted

To delete an Amortization Schedule, user needs to remove the Amortization Template from the line item in the transaction.

Users are prevented from doing this when Amortization Journal Entries have already been created for the Amortization Schedule.

To resolve:
1. Delete the Journal Entries found in the Amortization Schedule
2. Edit the source transaction (Vendor Bill/Journal Entry)
3. Remove the Amortization Template, Amortization Start Date and Amortization End Date from the transaction line item.
4. Save the source transaction

User will no longer see the Amortization Schedule under Lists > Accounting > Amortization Schedules and in the source transaction's line item level.

*The resolution above is also applicable to Revenue Recognition Schedules.

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