Monday, June 17, 2019

Remove the link Click here to update the Case Online when sending cases to customers

To remove the link that states Click here to update theCase Online the user needs to edit the System Email Template usedin case notification for customers. Outlined below are the steps toresolve this issue.
I. Check the template used

1. Navigate to Setup > Support CaseProfiles.

2. Click on View on the Case Profile used on thecase.

3. On the Notifications tab> check the template used under the CustomerNotification Templates section.

II. Edit the template
1. Navigate to Setup > Company > SystemEmail Templates
2. Edit/Customize the correct System Email Template
3. Click Save
Note: After changing the System Email Template, make sure to go back toSupport Preferences to ensure that the newly created or newly edited Templateis what shows up on the Customer Template dropdown field.

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