Friday, June 21, 2019

Remove a Promo Code Applied in the Shopping Cart through URL Parameters

Users can use URL Parameters to interact with the NetSuite Web Store in a variety of ways, such as adding items to the cart, displaying shopping pages, and passing marketing information.

When a Promo Code is applied in the Shopping Cart, it cannot be overwritten with a new Promo Code unless shopper removes the Promo Code first using the Remove button in the Shopping Cart.

Users can automate this process by using URL Parameters instead to remove any Promo Codes which are applied to the Shopping Cart. Here is the URL Parameter to remove a Promo Code currently applied in the Shopping Cart:{Account #}&n={Site Number}&kReferralCode=&redirect=/{Internal ID of the Shopping Cart}

Account # (c=) - The user's NetSuite Account Number
Site Number (n=) - The Internal ID of the Site (if the user has multiple web sites)
Internal ID of the Shopping Cart (sc=) - The Shopping Cart's Internal ID. To get this, simply navigate to the Shopping Cart and take note of the value in the sc URL parameter. User can also navigate to Lists > Web Site > Tabs > view Shopping Cart and note the value of the ID on the address bar.


This URL sets the Promo Code in the Shopping Cart to empty, then redirects the shopper back to the Shopping Cart to reflect the changes. Here is a sample URL:


Note: If the user is using a custom domain for the web store, the Account # can already be ommitted from the URL, and the domain should be used instead of Here is a sample:

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