Monday, June 17, 2019

Reset Auto-Generated Numbers When Period Prefix is Changed


This is an alternate solution for Enhancement 81339 which will allow resetting Auto-Generated Numbers when Prefix and Suffix is changed.


  • Auto-Generated Numbers is enabled for the company's invoice transactions with the following setting:
      • Prefix = INV2014
      • Suffix = Null
      • Minimum Digits = 5
      • Current Number = 02596
  • Administrator needs to reset the invoice number to reflect the new calendar year 2015 in its prefix
  • User wants the next invoice number to be INV201500001

To do this:

1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers.

2. Under Transactions tab, set the following for Invoice:

      • Prefix = INV201
      • Minimum Digits = 6
      • Initial Number = 500001

3. Click Save.


  • The number '5' from the supposed period prefix INV2015 is used to set an Initial Number higher than the Current Number.
  • Minimum Digits must be increased from 5 to 6 to make it appear that the number is reset to 1
  • Initial number must be greater than the Current Number in order for the change to take effect. Otherwise, the system will use the old numbering format. In this case, the number '5' from 2015 was taken and added to the 5-digit numbering for next transactions, resulting to 500001 as the new Initial Number.

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