Monday, June 24, 2019

Sales Order > Fulfill > Save > Gets an Error "Please enter the bin information"


a. Sales Order contains two line items with the same Serialized Item that uses Bins.
b. The Inventory Detail list for both line items have been assigned with the same Serial Numbers.
c. Upon Fulfilling the order, saving the Item Fulfillment gives user a warning "Please enter the bin information"


1. Open the Serialized Item record. Go to the Purchasing/Inventory tab (may vary depending on custom form).

2. The field Use Bins should be marked True.

3. Under Purchasing/Inventory > Bin Numbers subtab, the Bin Number selected on the Item Fulfillment is properly added.

4. On the Sales Order or the Item Fulfillment record, click on the Inventory Detail icon. Users need to verify that the Inventory Detail lists do not contain any of the same Serial Number within the same Bin Number.

5. User may remove the Serial Numbers from the Sales Order and choose other available Serial Numbers within the same Bin or other Bins.

6. This can be done by clicking on Inventory Detail icon > click on each Serial Number > Click Remove.

7. After removing the incorrect Serial Numbers, users may manually enter the Serial Number or click on the more icon > List. Users can pick the Serial Numbers here.

8. Click Fulfill button from Sales Order.


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