Sunday, June 16, 2019

Saved Search for Bill Payments Made Today with Bill Numbers Applied

The following instructions will generate a list of Bill Payments and the Bills these payments were applied to:

  1. Using an Administrator role, navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
  2. Click the Transaction link.
  3. On the Criteria tab > Standard sub-tab, Add the following Filters
    • Type is Bill Payment.
    • Date is within Today.
    • Main Line is No (False).
  4. On the Results tab  > Columns subtab, ensure that at least the following Fields are Added:
    • Date.
    • Type.
    • Document Number.
    • Name.
    • Account.
    • Amount.
    • Applied to Transaction.
    • Add or remove additional fields as per preference.
  5. Click the Save & Run button.

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