Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Search/Reassign Issues Assigned to Inactive Employees

To search for all Issues assigned to an employee that is set to Inactive instead of using Assigned To filter use Formula(Text) Assigned To is XXXXXX (name of the Employee).

For Mass Updates user can follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to List > Mass Updates > Mass Updates > select Issues.

2. Under Criteria add Formula (Text): 

  • Formula field: {assigned} 
  • Formula Text: is > enter name of the employee

3. Under the Mass Update fields indicate the new Assignee:

  • check Apply checkbox for Assigned To
  • select the Employee in Value field 

4. Click on Preview then Perform Update if satisfied with the list.

Note: Issues are only assigned to the Inactive Employee as long as the issue record has not been changed. If the Issue record has been modified after the employee is set as Inactive then the Assigned To is left Unassigned.

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