Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Setting MOTO (Mail Order/ Telephone Order) and Card Not Present Indicator for Credit Card Processing

A MOTO transaction, also known as a Card Not Present transaction is a transaction for which the credit card is not physically swiped through a terminal. This type of transaction includes telephone, mail order, and internet. Unlike a card-present transaction, in which the Issuing Bank is liable, for a MOTO transaction, the Acquiring Bank is liable.

MOTO or Card Not Present is enabled by default once a CyberSource Account is created.

The preference we are seeing in the CyberSource Processing Profile is actually for Decision Manager which is an Add-on Module for CyberSource. We have these options available so we can select which Orders will be flagged for Decision Manager when APIs are submitted to CyberSource.


Internal Orders (MOTO) = T
Web Store Orders (E-Commerce) = F

This means that Orders created in UI will be subject for Decision Manager, and Orders coming from Web will not be subject for Decision Manager.

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