Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records > Error shows incorrect Line Number and Column number

CSV data normally end a line using a line terminator, however line terminators can be embedded as a data within the fields, so different softwares might render the data differently.

Sample error code:

To view the data causing the error you can open the CSV file into Notepad or best to use open the file into Notepad++ as the line numbers are readily available.

1. Open the file into Notepad/Notepad ++ (Notepad++ is used as sample).

2. Once the file is opened navigate to the Line# specified and trace what record the line belongs to.

3. Users would see below the details under Line#181.

The line with the highlight would  aid in determining the lines with error. Line# 181 is causing the error and the originating record is seen under line 170 which is record 89.

Via Excel users can remove row with Record 89 then try to import. To further check on what characters are causing the error, search for the corresponding highlighted letters which normally are ASCII characters like the following:


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