Saturday, June 22, 2019

Steps to Issue a Refund check to a Different Name and Address

1.     Create a New Customer Record for the new customer where the refund will be issued. (Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Customer > New)

2.     Create a Credit for Customer A for the refund

a.     Open the Invoice

b.     Click the Credit button

c.      Complete the New Credit Memo page with required information

d.     Save

3.     Create a journal entry to transfer and record the amount of credit for the new customer (Customer B)

a.     Navigate to Transaction > Financial > Make Journal Entries

b.     Complete the New Journal page

c.      Debit the A/R account to Customer A to further close the credit and;

d.     Credit the A/R account to Customer B so the refund can be issued to them

e.     Save the journal entry

4.     Issue the Customer Refund

a.     Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Issue Customer Refund

b.     Enter the new customer – Customer B

c.      Select the correct A/R Account

d.     In Apply tab > Credits subtab > Mark the checkbox beside the Journal Entry created in Step #3.

e.     Under the Refund Method tab > Choose the correct method

f.      Hit Save

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